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Duality and the choice of Happiness

Iron Oak Fitness


     THERE ARE MILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF AMAZING MIRACULOUS THINGS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW AND FOR INFINITY.  There are also dark things.  Light cannot exist without darkness.  Otherwise nothing would exist.  It's ok!  It's the only way it can be.  There will always be life and there will always be death.  But there will always be life!!!  Love is the energy of Life.  Fear is the energy of Death. 

     EVERY THOUGHT WE HAVE IS DRIVING US TO ONE OF THESE PLACES.  The fear filled bullshit we hear on the news about how awful everything is?  LIES.  There are bad things.  As long as we believe in fear, we will continue creating bad things.  True story!  You don't have to believe everything sucks.  Fear sucks!  Choosing to move toward the good is a choice.  EVERY THOUGHT IS A CHOICE. Choose the good things!  Speak the good things!  Share the good things!  Stop for just a moment and notice the miracle of life in your lungs and in your veins.  I'm typing my thoughts into a tiny machine and now, wherever you are in the world, you're reading them!!  What!!?!?  AMAZING.  Life is rad forever and ever! 

     Look around.  Love it, smile at people, and don't be an asshole!  If you believe in fear, life is scary. BELIEVE IN LIFE.  It's that easy!  It's your call in every moment.  Whatever we choose to believe happens after we die...we do all die, so love your life!  You're just here being you for a little while.  It's not that serious.  I PROMISE.  Your problems don't even exist unless you believe they do.  Change your belief, change your life.  Remember the miracle of life.  Every moment we forget is a shame.  But what's awesome is that every moment we remember invites enlightenment and freedom!  True Story!