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Find the perfect program or fitness experience to fill your personal needs, whatever they may be.  We offer personal training, corporate fitness, as well as a host of exciting group fitness class experiences unique to Iron Oak Fitness.   We make fitness fun and inspire changes that are practical, easy to understand, and will last a lifetime.








3 session Primer Package: $125

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Heard about the numerous benefits of meditation and are interested in cultivating your own practice?  The Meditation Primer Package consists of 3 sessions designed for that very purpose.  Our meditation specialist will work with you one-on-one or in small groups to explore technique, develop strategy, and create an environment suitable for forming your personal practice.  It's easier than you may think and when you commit to sitting in meditation for just 15 minutes a day your life will begin to evolve in incredible ways.

Personal Primer Sessions are around 30-45 min. long and are designed to provide the tools and guidance needed to create a lasting meditation practice.