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About Iron Oak Fitness

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The Five Pillars of Iron Oak Fitness:

+ Honesty...

This is our core principal. A man's strength lies in his word. At Iron Oak we believe that to become strong we must begin with learning to be honest with oneself. Only then can we truly see our limits, practice disclipline and rise above them.

+ Integrity...

Strength is found in fostering honest, kind and dependable relationships with others. Therefore we belive that as we commit to finding strength within ourselves it is essential to strengthen and inspire the world around us.

+ Positive Attitude...

Knowing that we are capable and practicing discipline in our lives strenghtens our will, our most powerful tool. As we begin to find strength in ourselves and our ability to bring that to the world around us, we begin to see the power of our thoughts. All action begins in thought. What we believe we achieve.

+ Work Ethic...

We believe in bringing our best to all that we do. Only then can we discover what we are truly capable of becoming.

+ Humility...

As we apply these principals and mature, we remain aware that there is always more to learn and new heights to aspire to.


the Iron Oak Team:

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Brent williams 


At his core Brent believes that each of us has the power and ability to create ourselves and to construct lives we love. His passion for personal health and self discovery began over 20 years ago when he took jobs at a local health food store and gym in his hometown of Salem Virginia. He quickly became fascinated with the ideas that our bodies can be created through our conscious decisions and the quest to learn and explore began.

After graduating from the Virginia School of Massage in 2002, Brent sold his belongings and began a solo backpacking adventure through Alaska and the islands of Hawaii. Eventually landing in San Francisco, he devoted much of the next 3 years to practicing Iyengar Yoga, a rigorous method with a strong emphasis on posture and alignment. A few years later he returned to the east coast and became a temporary resident of the Satchidananda Ashram in VIrginia where he became a certified instructor of Integral Yoga as well as the sciences of meditation and Pranayama (the control of breath).

In 2009 he moved to Charlotte NC, became certified in personal training and began to use his unique scope of knowledge to empower his clients by providing the tools and techniques needed to live strong, healthy lives.

In 2014 Brent founded Iron Oak Fitness and through his unique approach has quickly become one of the city’s leading authorities in the wellness industry.

Austin Phillips


With over 10 years of experience, Austin is a driven and passionate industry professional with an expansive knowledge of fitness and nutrition.

Austin’s history as a collegiate level football player as well as a seasoned bodybuilding competitor (placing first in the 2016 Europa Games in Charlotte, 6th at the 2017 Elite Muscle Classic, and 2nd in the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Classic), gives him the practical edge to help his clients shed weight, add lean muscle, and reach peak performance.

Through trial, error, and personal experience with many methods and modalities, he has a handle on what will work best for each of his clients, all while keeping their health at the forefront. Today, he teaches his clients the WHY behind every method he uses, so each each of them can use that knowledge to enrich and sustain their lives, as well as the lives of those close to them.


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

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April Rodrigues


April is a lover of all-things fitness! She comes to Iron Oak with over 10 years of experience in the industry, is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, and has a master's degree in Exercise Science from Southern Connecticut State University.

She loves working with a variety of clients, but specializes in weight loss, general fitness and working with special populations including cancer survivors.

April and her husband moved to Charlotte in late 2017 after traveling the country for a year. During their travels, she began her travel blog, T & A in the US of A and wrote the book, The Female Vagabond’s Guide for Staying Fit on the Road. Before adventuring, she began her fitness career in Connecticut where she worked as the Health and Wellness director for the YMCA of Greater Hartford, as well as teaching bootcamp and group fitness.

When she's not training clients she is also a group fitness instructor in a variety of formats including weight training, pilates, and cycling. In April’s spare time, she loves to hike, bike, drinking craft beer knitting.
Follow her on Instagram @fitnessac

Hank Talmadge


Hank began his fitness journey in 2013 when he found work at the Cornwell Center as a fitness ambassador. He quickly became taken with weight training and the benefits it could have on the physical body, as well as the mind.

Over the next 5 years, Hank enjoyed working toward his own goals as well as helping friends become stronger in their bodies. During his time in college he was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in the Strength and Conditioning department with the UNC-CH football team.

Upon graduating from college in 2018, Hank returned to Charlotte with the goal of helping people reach their physical goals and live healthy lives. He met Brent Williams shortly after and is excited to be a part of the Iron Oak Team!

As a certified yoga teacher with a strength training background, Hank loves working with people to create their strongest and most mobile body possible.


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