Austin was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina where growing up he was always active. He enjoyed little league and playing outside as a child and later played football and ran track in high school. After playing football briefly in college it was there that he found a passion for resistance training. After serving a two year mission with his church he quickly began to further his knowledge of fitness by exploring nutrition in depth. After quickly realizing how important the role of a well planned diet can benefit the human body, he began to take his fitness to new levels and compete in NPC men's physique competitions. From there he decided that he wanted to share his passion for fitness with others and took the next step and decided to attain a personal training certification through ISSA. Austin is continually increasing his knowledge and believes there are multiple ways for people to reach their goals in fitness. What motivates him more than anything is seeing his clients work hard and experiencing joy in their own physical fitness. He is always excited to meet a new client and become their friend in their journey to a more healthy lifestyle!