Practical Steps to Tap Your Potential and Live Your Best Life in 2019

You're amazing and can do great things! (practical steps to tap your potential and live your best life in 2019

As a personal trainer it's generally thought that my career is rooted in helping people achieve the best physique possible or to help my clients be healthier physically. While that is true...the reasons that I started my company and do what I do go much deeper than that. It has been my experience in life that we can do whatever it is we choose and become stronger more empowered versions of ourselves using life's obstacles and challenges to constantly evolve and learn. Fitness is a metaphor for this. Discipline is everything. So often when a person learns that they're able to create their bodies through a structured plan, I see this empowerment seep into the other parts of their lives and real change takes place. Clients will start tackling other dreams they have, applying the same principals and begin succeeding there too. This to me is success and the reason I love what I do. So let's discuss a few practical steps to move in a direction of creating a life you love. 

1. Figure out what it is you'd REALLY like to do.

The only real way to do this is to sit with yourself and your thoughts. There's probably a lot of ideas swirling around up there.  But what is it that you're passionate about? I think a great way to figure this out is to make a list. Write down 3 or 4 ideas that you have and start to break those down into order of priority. Think Big! There's a good chance at least one of them has been on your mind for quite some time. Figure out which one that is and let's focus there (we can save the rest for later)


Do you guys remember a few years back when the What would Jesus do? bracelets were incredibly popular? I loved those bracelets and was incredibly inspired by them because they made total sense. I thought it was a great idea! If you want to be more Christlike, that's a great question to contemplate. What's also great about that question is that it can be applied to anything you'd like to be. ex: What would a pastry chef do? What would an astronaut do? Whatever, fill in the blank...contemplate the answers and START DOING THOSE THINGS. I wanted to live in Hawaii when I was 22. So...I thought "What would someone who lives in HI do?" 4 months later, I was living in Hawaii. But that came with a plan.


This can be gradual. You only have to know your next couple of moves really. As you start walking the steps toward your goal, I have found that the next step or two tends to present themselves. But I think it's very important to write it down. There's something magical in this. It's like alchemy...taking something from your thoughts and making a physical manifestation of it. Better yet, buy yourself a charm that represents this....much like those wwjd bracelets. Something that constantly reminds you consciously that you've committed to manifesting your vision. When I decided to move to Hawaii my first step was emptying my apartment of all of the things I wouldn't need. After all, when I asked myself What would someone living in HI do? The obvious answer was that they wouldn't have an apartment full of stuff in VA. When that was done, I moved onto the next step of paying off small debts.  If I wanted to be a pastry chef, my first thought would be to take a class. So do it!


Look, people mean well. But most people think very practically and it's hard for them to think outside of the box. When I told people that I was getting rid of my belongings and moving to HI, I heard everything from "You're too young." "You'll never find a place to live." to "You'll be murdered." I went anyway. None of those things happened. I mean, I lived in my van...but I digress. Anyway, focus your energies on building yourself up and thinking about how much fun this journey is going to be. That's all of the validation you need.


I'm not a fan of the word failure. I've never understood it. The only way you'll ever fail is if you decide that you can't. Otherwise when a challenge or setback shows up, rise to meet the challenge. If you get knocked down, dust yourself off, learn from the experience and keep moving forward. Onward to glory! The only acceptable reason for not following through is realizing that you may not be into what you're doing and you decide not to follow through. Sometimes fantasies are better than the realities and that's ok! You've just learned a it more about yourself. Check it off the list and move on to the next project. 

It gets easier and easier every single time. Soon you'll be unstoppable. 

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