Healthy, positive employees are invested, more productive team members.  Iron Oak Fitness will design a customized program focused on empowering and inspiring your team to commit to their total health and well-being. Our team will blend our talents to provide a unique, holistic approach specific to the needs of your company. Working with Iron Oak Fitness is an investment in providing your staff the energy, positive perspectives, strength, and attitudes they need to achieve more-for themselves and your clients.

The data supporting the benefits to organizations that have initiated corporate fitness programs is overwhelming. When cost is considered, an effective fitness program will always benefit the organization as well as individual participants. A few statistics can be found below.

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Corporate Fitness Statistics

  • "Superior Coffee and Foods, a subsidiary of Sara Lee reports that the wellness program for it's 1200 employees showed 22% fewer hospital admissions, 29% shorter hospital stays, and 42% lower expenses per admission when compared to other divisions. Long term disability costs were down 40%." -Wellness Councils of America
  • "DuPont reduced absenteeism by 47.5% over 6 years for the corporate fitness program participants." -Health Behavior
  • "Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana found that it's corporate fitness program had a 250% return on investment; $2.51 for every $1 invested over a five year period." -The American Journal of Health Promotion
  • "The Travelers Corporation reported that its health promotion yielded a 19% reduction in sick leave use over the four year study with a $3.40 return for every dollar spent, yielding a total corporate savings of $146 million in benefits costs." -Wellness Councils of America
  • "The Canadian Life Assurance Company found turnover among fitness program participants was 32.4% lower over a seven year period compared to non-participants." -Canadian Journal of Public Health
  • "Steelcase showed that medical claims costs were 55% lower for corporate fitness program participants than non-participants over a six year period--an average of $478.61 vs. $868.88 for non-participants." -The American Journal of Health Promotion