get it. together.

We all have goals, but we don't have to strive alone to reach them. When you become part of Iron Oak Group Fitness, you become part of an amazing team where everyone works together to grow strong, be flexible, go longer, and tone head to toe. You'll make friends. You'll motivate and be motivated. You'll have fun. But most importantly, you'll find your strength-in numbers!

Complete Class List

Back, Butt & Gut - Designed to sculpt a killer core and to throw a little bump in your trunk! This is a partner class. So, grab a friend and start sculpting the perfect midsection.

Hard CORE Yoga - A fusion of Pilates and yoga. This class is a challenge and is focused on sculpting the core and building long, lean muscles.

Hydro Training - Not your grandma's pool fitness class! Hydro Training is an athletic approach to water fitness including sports-specific drills, cardiovascular work, intervals, and plyometrics. You're sure to improve your cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength and endurance, and have buckets of fun!

Iron Oak Boot Camp - This class consists of strength training, endurance and conditioning, as well as agility drills and is designed to push you to your limits. This class is not for the man up buttercup! Sir! Yes sir!

Iron Oak Insanity - Cardio-based total body conditioning program. This calorie torching, shirt soaking workout is designed to deliver! We'll use plyometric drills along side nonstop intervals of strength, power and core work that can only be described by one word...INSANITY!

The Perfect Storm (aka Circuit) - A cardio circuit class with a focus on agility and endurance. You'll burn lots of calories and get to do lots of fun stuff! You won't need an umbrella for this storm! Hardy har har...

Resist This! - In this class we use resistance tubes an body weight to build strength, and tone the muscles. If you're looking to sculpt beautiful arms, this is the class you're looking for!

Slow Flow Yoga - A vinyasa (flow) style yoga class designed to detoxify the body and stretch and elongate the muscles. Class is appropriate for all levels. You'll leave feeling relaxed, renewed, and ready for a good night's sleep.