Welcome to the Iron Oak Family!

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Follow these Four steps to complete your registration:

Step 1 – Client Registration

step 1 – client registration

Follow the link below to complete your client registration. This MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOUR FIRST SESSION with your new coach.

Step 2 – TrueCoach

step 2 – TrueCoach

TrueCoach is basically the control tower of this operation. It's where you and your coach will share information. This is where you'll find programs, exercise demo clips, and other information we need to share and store. Watch this super helpful tutorial and be on the lookout for an email from our team. We'll send the invitation needed to activate your account. The app is currently only available for iPhone users. But that's no problem! We recommend creating a shortcut in your phone's home screen for quick access if using another mobile device. 

Step 3 – Skype

step 3 – Get skype

This is the video conferencing software we use to meet with our online clients. Remember, you'll be face-to-face weekly for the first month. Skype is how we facilitate that. If you don't already have an account be sure to download the app to your phone or simply create one with this link.

Step 4 – Nutrition

Step 4 – Nutrition 101

These are all eight segments of our Nutrition Education Series. These will also be sent to you individually via email, so if you don’t have to time to watch them all now, don’t worry about.

We know there's a lot of confusing information out there and it's hard to make positive change without confidence. That changes now.  We've created this short series of easy to understand clips for you. Watch it. We break it down and cover what you'll need to understand to create lasting change.