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"Brent Williams has literally changed my life.  His professional knowledge, enthusiasm and positive energy has proven a strong motivator for me, resulting in greater strength, more flexibility, better balance, increased energy and excellent overall health.  He has exceeded my expectations, and I have seen results faster than I ever have before.   I have worked with many trainers and by far Brent is the best!  He makes each and every session different, challenging and best of all, FUN!  Brent is very passionate about what he does and his enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend Brent to anyone serious about their training who wants to see results." -Cindy Stockwell


"My personal fitness goals started long before Brent, but it wasn't until I started training with him that these same goals were achieved by realizing the importance of a healthy mind and body. I had serious anxiety issues before training with Brent, and while it wasn't my initial goal, it was almost a miracle to find myself off my prescriptions and in the gym after only a few months of working with him. It's true you get what you put in, however, it sure helps when you have someone like Brent to guide you and hold you accountable for realizing your true potential." -Mike Poplin


"Simply put, Brent is AWESOME!! Don't let his laid-back style & joking personality fool you. He's serious about fitness & an expert in the field. I saw him working with several other clients, & while I was going through the motions of boring cardio & half-hearted weight lifting, they were getting results & having fun. He took the time to listen & craft a personalized program that has helped me move beyond my goals. He makes adjustments along the way based on my progress & objective measurements. It's enjoyable & no two sessions have ever been the same. With Brent's expertise, I've been able to strengthen my core, build muscle for definition & metabolic fitness, plus improve my running stride, stance & speed. Brent is always available to help with my diet, cardio, & any other questions or concerns I have. His passion and energy for fitness, health, nutrition & life in general are infectious. He can help anyone set, achieve & even surpass any fitness aspirations. I would recommend him to anyone considering personal training whether it's to increase strength, lose weight, or just get a boost in the right direction." - Dr. Rachel Dolhan


"Before starting my program with Brent, I was attempting to address issues with being overweight, poor diet, lack of energy, exercise, & general poor health with very little success.  When we started working out, he evaluated & streamlined my overall goals & objectives. Over the course of 4 months, with Brent’s careful guidance & patience, I was able to shed 35 lbs. When we began my body fat was 38% and now it is to 24%! I went from wearing a size 11 to a size 4 and I actually gained one inch in height due to my improved posture! I am so much stronger now – it is amazing! Not enough can be said to describe the professionalism and fitness expertise demonstrated by Brent. In late May I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My doctors stated that working with Brent to lose the weight and change my lifestyle probably saved my life!  Brent’s services come highly recommended to anyone who is serious about fitness and nutrition.  He is amazing!" -Kay McCoy


"I began working with Iron Oak Fitness approximately 10 months ago and 30 lbs into my weight loss. When I started I was on medication to control my high blood pressure and cholesterol. Upon my routine check up with my physician, he explained that "never in his 30 year career had he taken anyone off of blood pressure medication once they were placed on this type of drug". After a review of my blood work and sustained improvements, he explained that further blood pressure and cholesterol medication would no longer be needed on my path-way to great health. With diet options and training plans offered by Iron Oak, I have arrived at this incredible turning point in my life. Thanks Again!" -Tate Lyda


"I learned about Brent through a friend. I have a LOT of back problems as well…kyphosis, lordosis, and scoliosis as well as a stress fracture on my lumbar spine.
Brent worked very hard to focus our workouts to help reshape my back and take away the pain. And he did EXACTLY that!  I can’t even begin to say how happy I am and we have only been training together for a little over 2 months. My posture is so much better and my shoulders are not rounded forward as they were in the past. My pain is TOTALLY gone and I feel so much stronger.
Brent has taught me volumes of information and he has such a passion for life and his clients. I admire his strong work ethic and personal drive and would recommend him to anyone." -Melissa Barach


"From the very first session, Brent analyzed my situation and designed a program that motivated me. Brent makes exercise fun and it wasn't long before I started really seeing some progress in my strength and balance.  Brent's concern, programs and motivation have really improved my overall health, flexibility, balance and strength.  Working with Brent was one of the best decisions that I have made!" -Jo Shanahan


"When I reached out to Brent, about a year ago, I had hit a major wall with my fitness goals. Being a group fitness instructor for the past 8 years, I've been able to conquer a few fitness goals on my own. I lost about 30 lbs. and developed a real love of fitness. While my cardio was helping me maintain my weight, my body had just stopped changing. I've always known that resistance training was important but was always too intimidated to spend time in the weight room. After seeing some of Brent's other successful clients, I knew I needed to start working with him. It's been one of the best decisions I've made. Since working out with Brent I've lost another 20 lbs and have much more muscle tone and definition. Beyond the physical aspects of what Brent and I have accomplished, my confidence and self image have greatly improved. Looking forward to what the rest of my journey with Iron Oak Fitness will bring!" -Robert Jennings

"Everyone that knows Toni can say that she’s the type of person you want to be around.  She has an incredibly positive attitude that is contagious.  These qualities make her an amazing fitness trainer.  As a participant in her class, I noticed her humor gets everyone through the tough parts; she motivates everyone to do their best, whatever that may be.  Her sociability makes her approachable, so clients and friends don’t hesitate to ask her advice.  Toni doesn’t sugar coat anything, and tells it like is, but in a kind, real, and convincing way. I trust her implicitly." -Lynn Jurcsek

“Scott has helped me tremendously. I trust and respect him. All of the information he has provided has been in my best interest. He is a partner, not a judge. I have tried many other methods of weight loss. Scott inspired me to buy and prepare most of my own food. I am not only eating healthier, but my food is delicious. I’ve lost 25 pounds." (over 6 weeks)    

             — Johnny J.  

"I walked regularly and tried home exercises but never had the results I was looking for.  I met with Brent and was fortunate to begin working with him. His energy and enthusiasm pushed me beyond what I thought were my limitations.  It is hard to do what we need to do to make changes in our habits.  Brent has taught me that I have the strength within me to be my best.  Everyday I can see and feel the results in my body.  I also no longer experience neck pain. My clothes fit well, my butt looks great, and I couldn't be happier!" -Judy Ashmore

"As an instructor, Toni is my personal favorite.  I have taken many classes at many different clubs for many years.  What makes Toni unique is her teaching style.  She creates a "journey" through her classes.  She is fun, energetic, informative, motivating, and entertaining.  She knows almost every member’s name. She takes ‘connection’ to a whole new level." -Jennifer Ballance

"Toni is the best group fitness instructor I have had in the past 10 years.  She constantly brings new material to each class she teaches and is concise and timely with instructions. Toni is also conscious of structural form when it comes to performance of class participants; correcting faulty movement patterns to protect members from injury and ensure they get the most out of their workout." -Sandra Weber

"I met Brent 3 years ago in one of his yoga classes.  I enjoyed his style so much that I decided to hire him as my personal trainer. As an agility dog trainer, it's important that I be light on my feet. Mine and Brent's goals included increasing my endurance, flexibility, as well as my agility.  It worked and it's obvious when I'm working with my dogs.  I enjoy working out with Brent.  He is fun, energetic, and encouraging. In addition, my back hurts much less and my blood pressure has improved." -Jane Lambert

"Hands down Toni is the most energetic and inspiring instructor!  She's always uplifting and a great person to be around. Strike was a huge part of my weight loss journey in losing over ninety pounds.  I remember taking Strike for the first time thinking it'd be too hard and I'd look ‘stupid’.  She always showed options when I couldn't do certain moves. Toni is what made Strike so FUN!   It's obvious that she's passionate about fitness and loves what she does." -Krista Helms

"After months of training and completing several triathlons, I had established a fairly regular routine of swimming, biking, and running.  Not having worked with a personal trainer before, a friend suggested that I meet Brent since he was both a trainer and yoga instructor.  Through Brent’s positive attitude, high energy, and great preparation I spent every Wednesday night having a great time and a great workout!  My core strength improved tremendously.  In addition, Brent’s focus on form and muscle balance helped improve my flexibility, balance, and coordination making me a better athlete and improving my performance." -Lenny Parnelli

"My number one issue with working out has been not knowing what to do, understanding why I should do certain things, or what order to do them in to obtain the desired results.  Brent is excellent.  I've not only lost 5 pounds in 9 weeks but I also understand why each exercise is important and what it does for my body. I feel Brent is as vested in my success as I am and it is wonderful to have someone that cares about how much I am capable of accomplishing.  Brent always provides a comfortable, convenient and welcoming atmosphere that puts my mind at ease and my body to work. He cares about my body and my mind for a complete workout experience." -Jason Walzer

"I am 51 years old been around the gyms since I was 18. I've taking classes, had personal trainers, worked out on my on and have been around a lot of gyms in Charlotte. By far Toni has total control of the group fitness program. Always wanting and willing to make us happy and, yes, she is always happy. It’s very important that she is always positive and motivating!!! Her classes are amazing. She can teach them all and always gives a 100%. She makes it fun and a challenge! It's like a personal training session in a class! Thank you Toni for all your hard work and keeping us happily motivated and sore." -Leslie Burnette

"Toni is truly an excellent fitness instructor. She is the perfect combination of toughness, encouragement, and making it all fun. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and – ultimately - each person provide the perfect scenario for success and sets the foundation for a healthy lifestyle." -Charlotte Cannon

"When I was pregnant with my second child, Toni was able to show me modifications that allowed me to take her classes up until the week I gave birth. I don't know many women their last few weeks of pregnancy that want to be in a kickboxing class. However, Toni's the kind of instructor and person that just makes your day better. She is magnetic. People want to be around her. She's tough, she's funny, and she cares." -April Goggins

"Dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, energetic, fun.  Toni represents what other fitness instructors should strive to become." -Paul Stafford

"I was at a personal low in my life.  I was overweight, tired, and my self esteem was suffering. I was ready to try something that would get me back on track after putting on so many pounds. As he and I began to work together, Brent helped me develop strategies in the areas of my life where I struggled and we focused on strength training and cardio programs in the studio. Brent eased me into my new lifestyle so the results would stick. He actually cared about whether or not I succeeded!  Working out helps me feel better about my life not to mention the changes I've seen in my body and the inches I've lost! I definitely recommend Brent and his services!" -Katrina Stanley

"I look forward every week to Toni’s classes and I hate if I ever have to miss one. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and always shows modifications for the exercises. She's great at telling us what we need to focus on in order to do the exercises correctly and to get the most benefit. I cannot say enough how much I enjoy Toni. I have been a member of various gyms for 19 years and Toni is by far the best instructor I have ever known." -Pam Mitchem

"First of all, Toni is a high energy fitness instructor who creates one-of-a-kind group fitness classes that keep us coming back for more! No matter what it is, if Toni is teaching it, it is worth to be there!

Secondly, and most importantly, Toni promotes an environment of camaraderie and fun. She welcomes newcomers and provides introductions whenever possible.

Finally, Toni is great at adapting to situations. She takes her job very seriously, which is made evident in her painstaking planning and choreographing. But when she teaches her classes, she is a blast!  She is fun, engaging, and makes you want to work your hardest. Toni is awesome." -Steve Goggins

"Several years ago, I was overweight and had never been inside a gym. I was persuaded by a friend to join a gym. One night I took a core class, and afterward, the instructor, Toni, came up to introduce herself. She was so welcoming and enthusiastic that she immediately made me feel comfortable. Any time she would see me in the gym, she would say hi, ask me how my workouts were going, and always made sure to encourage me to attend group fitness classes. So, I started taking more of her classes, and soon became a fitness lover. She means what she teaches. She gets into the workouts and makes sure the people in class get into them, too. While that is wonderful in itself, one of the things I appreciate most is that while both entertaining and encouraging, she also always makes sure to teach safety and proper form. Toni Vuksanovich made me fall in love with fitness, which changed my life forever, and I'll always be grateful." -Melanie Phelps

"During the few months Brent and I worked together, I lost 15 pounds; reduced my waist line by 2.25 inches and increased my biceps by a half inch.  I wholeheartedly recommend Brent to anyone who wishes to improve their physical and mental states.  His approach, influenced I’m sure by his years of Yoga, embodies the full body approach to fitness." -Andy Button

"I am a massage therapist and had a couple injuries a little over 2 yrs ago, this left me with a frozen elbow, knee inflammation and muscle atrophy on both the arm and the leg on my left side. I tried SO MANY different things including injections and nothing helped.  A few months ago I received an email from my apartment building about Brent.  I saw it as a sign. I had a friend that had been raving about him for a while so I scheduled a consultation right away. We have been meeting 2x per week for about 6weeks and have seen huge improvements in the joint flexibility and strength. My range of motion doubled in just a few sessions. Brent is an amazing trainer, he understands how the body works and what needs to be done to get the desired results. Whether you are looking for someone to help you with Rehab or just to get your sexy back, Brent is your guy!" -Angela Winder

"I’ve been training with Toni for several years and I’m addicted to her workouts. Toni coaches us through exercise circuits challenging and effective, but not overwhelming. She knows the anatomy and understands the functions of each exercise, and educates us about both of them along the way. My entire body is firmer and in much better shape because of Toni. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their body and have an enjoyable time doing it. She has incredible energy, passion and enthusiasm which are contagious to everyone in class." -Stephanie Corey