When I decided to begin working out, it was not with the intention of losing weight. I have a diseased spine involving four damaged vertebrae. My doctor suggested I begin working with a personal trainer who could direct me and possibly ease some of my back and leg pain. Other than rehabilitation, when Brent and I began speaking, I really had no other goals in mind. I am sure that he saw that as well, so he walked me through some benefits of healthy nutrition and exercise. 
Brent actually took an hour and a half just listening to my way of eating and all my health issues and lack of physical activity. Brent told me that if I was willing to put in that effort and time, then he would be dedicated to helping me achieve a healthier way of life. I met with Brent twice a week and sometimes more. This went on from June 1st until November and I'm still at it. Yes, this is me a WHOPPING 80 lbs later! All of this in 5 1/2 months! All I can say is thank you Brent! I feel great and you are awesome! Without your constant encouragement and passion for what you do, I would not have lasted a month!