When I reached out to Brent, about a year ago, I had hit a major wall with my fitness goals, a plateau. I became a group fitness instructor 8 years ago and before that, I weighed 235 lbs, and for the last few years I've stayed around 195 to 205 lbs and not much muscle tone. While my cardio was helping me maintain my weight, my body had just stopped changing. I've always known that resistance training was important but always just too scared to go into the weight room. After seeing some of Brent's other successful clients, I knew I needed to start working with him. It's been one of the best decisions I've made. Since working out with Brent I'm at 185 lbs and much more muscle tone and definition. Beyond the physical aspects of what Brent and I have accomplished, my confidence and self image have greatly improved. Looking forward to what the rest of my journey with Iron Oak Fitness will bring.