Fitness success stories from people just like you


"Iron Oak Fitness has the knowledge, the experience and the positive energy I needed to make my goal of gaining muscle, a reality.

I met with Iron Oak Fitness and could instantly tell that they had the knowledge, the personality and the positive energy I needed to make my goals become a reality.

My trainer and I have been working together for about four months. I could not be happier with the workouts that my personal trainer has designed and most importantly, my results.

- Ryne

"When I began my regiment with Iron Oak Fitness, I was on cholesterol and high blood pressure medication to control my high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Upon my latest visit for a routine checkup with my physician, he explained that "never in his 30-year career had he taken anyone off of blood pressure medication once they were placed on this type of drug".  

Furthermore, he said that this can all be attributed to my nutritional improvements and being more active physically.  Thanks to the nutrition & personal training programs offered by Iron Oak Fitness, I have reached my health goals once and for all!

- Tate

"I have a very busy schedule, which has made it tough for me to stay consistent with fitness & nutrition in the past. I never seemed to hit my ultimate goal until I met the personal trainers at Iron Oak Fitness who took the time to assess my current lifestyle, work out regimen and tweaked it to hit my targeted areas. 

I trimmed inches in my waist and gained inches in my booty! What more could a woman ask for?! Iron Oak Fitness is truly the first personal training company in Charlotte that I've worked with that has helped me obtain my goals through my fitness journey."

- Hali