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A personalized plan, accountability & the motivation you need to reach and maintain your fitness goals.



Remove the guesswork by balancing the foods you love with the nutrition you need to build a strong body for life.

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"Fitness can be confusing. It’s overwhelming. There’s so much information out there and most times it’s hard to know where to put your feet. We believe that fitness is simple. We educate and motivate our clients with easy to understand information and systems that produce results time and time again. It isn’t hard. We’ll help you and you’ll feel better every single day.”

 -Brent Williams, Owner of Iron Oak Fitness


Why Iron Oak?

We all face the same obstacles: Eating too much, lacking accountability & not knowing where to start when it comes to fitness or nutrition. Everyone deserves someone who will help them reach their fitness goals, so we wake up each day with one mission, "to make in-person & online training more effective & affordable for those who are ready to level up."

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